Current Research

24 Active Projects at 21 Institutions in 17 Diseases


Researchers work on current repurposing research projectsWe support investigator-initiated repurposing research projects in any unsolved disease  including cardio, neuro, oncology, ophthalmic, vascular and  rare diseases in pediatrics and adults. We support projects from accredited academic and nonprofit research institutions and large group medical practices located anywhere in the world. Our Impact Awards support early-stage companies bringing a repurposed treatment to market.

We take impact philanthropy approach that prioritizes patient when selecting repurposing research projects.  We support both philanthropic projects, which have little or no commercial value but have critical value to patients, as well as commercial projects, which industry may bring to regulatory approval and then to market. Our proof-of-concept funding of repurposing projects allows researchers and clinicians to leverage positive data into follow-on funding.

Our current projects were selected through a two-stage submission process. Applicants submit a brief proposal submissions usually followed by full grant applications. Project proposals are reviewed by an external, volunteer Grant Review Committee which represents academia, industry, clinicians and the patient voice. The committee helps staff and the Science Advisory Board select the strongest projects. Our customized approach allows donors to be as involved in the entire process as desired.

Current Repurposing Research Projects

DiabetesMassachusetts General HospitalDr. FaustmanRepurposing a Vaccine for Type I DiabetesDrugAdultIn Process
Diabetic OphthalmologyNorthwestern UniversityDr. BastiTreating Cataracts in Diabetic Patients Using a Surgical DeviceDeviceAdultIn Process
GIBoston Children's HospitalDr. KahnFecal Microbiota Transplantation Patient Registry for Pediatric C-diffOtherPediatricIn Process
GIOpenBiome, University of Cape TownDrs. Osman, BudreeThe THRIVE Study: Repurposing Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for the Treatment of Pediatric Malnutrition in South Africa*OtherPediatricIn Process
Infectious DiseaseGeorge Washington University, Universidad El BosqueDr. ChangRepurposing a Flu Treatment for Severe Dengue Patients in ColombiaDrugPediatricStarted 2020
Infectious DiseaseObafemi Awolowo University & Teaching Hospitals ComplexProf. AdewoleTreating Tuberculosis with the Lipid Lowering Drug Atorvastatin in NigeriaDrugAdultStarted 2020
Inner EarCurtin UniversityDr. BrownTesting a generic diuretic to improve drug delivery to the inner ear in Ménière’s diseaseDrugPre-clinicalStarted 2020
Inner EarHouse Ear InstituteDr. DereberyReducing vertigo and hearing loss in Meniere’s disease by repurposing a common allergy drugDrugAdultStarted 2020
Inner EarThe Feinstein Institutes for Medical ResearchDr. PathakInvestigating the effects of repurposed diuretic, steroid and immunosuppressive drugs in Ménière’s diseaseDrugPre-ClinicalStarted 2020
Inner EarHospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians University, MunichDr. StruppCombining a vertigo drug with a Parkinson’s disease drug to treat the inner ear disorder, Ménière’s diseaseDrugAdultIn Process
Inner EarDent Neurologic Institute Dr. ZhangCombining an anti-epileptic drug  with an anti-anxiety drug to treat the inner ear disorder Ménière’s diseaseDrugAdultIn Process
NeuroJohns Hopkins MedicineDr. Kaplin, WangRepurposing Over the Counter Cough Medicine as a Rapid Acting AntidepressantDrugAdultIn Process
NeuroThe Pennsylvania State University and the Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterDr. ElfarRepurposing a Multiple Sclerosis Drug in Severe Limb Trauma*Drug into DiagnosticAdultIn Process
NeuroUniversity of Pennsylvania MedicineDr. Oathes Using Imaging Techniques to Guide Targeted Brain Stimulation in the Treatment of Depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Device Adult  In Process
Neuro/RareGeorgetown University Dr. AndersonUsing a Cancer Drug in Huntington's Disease DrugAdultIn Process
Neuro/RareMcGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonDr. Furr-StimmingTreating Irritability in Huntington’s Disease with a Repurposed Neurological DrugDrugAdultIn Process
OncologyThe Hospital for Sick ChildrenDr. SuwwanLow-Level Laser Therapy to Address Treatment Side Effects in Pediatric Cancer PatientsDevicePediatricIn Process
Oncology/RareMassachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, VUmc Cancer Center AmsterdamDrs. Tannous, Arrillaga-Romany, KouwenhovenA Novel Combination of Generic Chemotherapy Drugs to Treat Brain CancerDrugAdultIn Process
Oncology/RareUniversity of MichiganDr. PettitUsing a Skin Cancer Drug to Improve Current Treatment in a Rare Blood Cancer, MyelofibrosisDrugAdultIn Process
Oncology/RareUniversity of MichiganDr. SwiecickiRepurposing Old Drugs as New Therapies for Metastatic Thyroid Cancer*Drug  AdultIn Process
Ophthalmic/RareUniversity of MichiganDr. ZacksTesting a Generic Malarial Drug in a Rare Ophthalmic Condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa DrugAdultIn Process
OtherKEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research ProgrammeDr. HamalubaTesting the Safety of a Metal Poisoning Drug to Treat Snakebite in KenyaDrugAdultStarted 2020
Rare The Hospital for Sick Children, National Institutes of HealthDrs. Dowling, BönnemannTAM4MTM: Tamoxifen Therapy for Myotubular MyopathyDrug PediatricIn Process 
RareSt. Jude Children’s Research HospitalDr. NicholsRepurposing a Blood Cancer Drug to Treat an Immune Disorder (HLH) in Children*DrugPediatricIn Process

*CureAccelerator Live! winner