Current Research

35 Active Trials at 31 Institutions in 26 Diseases in 7 Countries


Researchers work on current repurposing research projectsWe support investigator-initiated repurposing research projects in any unsolved disease including cardio, neuro, oncology, ophthalmic, vascular and rare diseases in pediatrics and adults. We support projects from accredited academic and nonprofit research institutions and large group medical practices located anywhere in the world. Our Impact Awards support early-stage companies bringing a repurposed treatment to market.

We take an impact philanthropy approach that prioritizes patient when selecting repurposing research projects. We support both philanthropic projects, which have little or no commercial value but have critical value to patients, as well as commercial projects, which industry may bring to regulatory approval and then to market. Our proof-of-concept funding of repurposing projects allows researchers and clinicians to leverage positive data into follow-on funding.

Our current projects were selected through a two-stage submission process. Applicants submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), and the top-scoring LOIs are typically invited to submit a more detailed proposal.  Both the LOIs and proposals are reviewed by an external, volunteer Grant Review Committee which represents academia and other nonprofit research institutions, industry, clinicians and the patient/community voice. This committee helps staff and the Science Advisory Board select the strongest projects for funding. Our customized approach allows donors to be as involved in the entire process as desired.

The diversity of our current projects reflects our disease-agnostic, patient-first approach:

  • more than 75% adult, less than 25% pediatric
  • more than 85% clinical, less than 15% pre-clinical
  • more than 75% drug, less than 25% device or other
  • more than 75% US-based, less than 25% outside of the US


Current Repurposing Research Projects

DiabetesMassachusetts General HospitalDr. FaustmanRepurposing a Vaccine for Type I DiabetesVaccineAdultIn Process
Diabetic OphthalmologyNorthwestern UniversityDr. BastiTreating Cataracts in Diabetic Patients Using a Surgical DeviceDeviceAdultIn Process
Ear Nose ThroatHouse Institute FoundationDr. DereberyReducing vertigo and hearing loss in Meniere’s disease by repurposing a common allergy drugDrugAdultIn Process
Ear Nose Throatibs.GRANADA Dr. Gallego-MartinezSearching for Pharmacogenetic Targets in Meniere’s Disease PatientsDrugPre-ClinicalStarted 2022
Ear Nose ThroatMedical University of South CarolinaDr. RizkAssessing the efficacy of an antidepressant for improving vertigo attacks in Meniere’s diseaseDrugAdultIn Process
Ear Nose ThroatHospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians University, MunichDr. StruppCombining a vertigo drug with a Parkinson’s disease drug to treat the inner ear disorder, Meniere’s diseaseDrugAdultIn Process
Ear Nose ThroatDent Neurologic Institute Dr. ZhangCombining an anti-epileptic drug  with an anti-anxiety drug to treat the inner ear disorder Meniere’s diseaseDrugAdultIn Process
Ear Nose ThroatHospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians University, MunichDr. ZwergalIdentifying a Potential Biomarker and Repurposed Migraine Treatment in Meniere’s diseaseDrugAdultStarted 2022
Ear Nose Throat/Infectious DiseaseUniversity College Hospital IbadanDr. Jatto
- Researcher Spotlight available here
Repurposing a Widely Available Antiseptic in Pediatric Chronic Ear Infections in Nigeria DrugPediatricStarted 2022
Ear Nose Throat/Infectious Disease/RareUniversity of UtahDr. RowerRepurposing the Antiviral Drug Valganciclovir to Treat Cytomegalovirus-Induced Hearing Loss DrugPediatricIn Process
Immune Disorder/RareCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterDr. Abonia
- Researcher Spotlight available here
Repurposing a Rare Disease Treatment for the Immune Disorder Eosinophilic EsophagitisDrugAdultStarted 2022
Immune Disorder/RareSt. Jude Children’s Research HospitalDr. NicholsRepurposing a Blood Cancer Drug to Treat an Immune Disorder (HLH) in Children*DrugPediatricIn Process
Infectious DiseaseGeorge Washington University, Universidad El BosqueDr. ChangRepurposing a Flu Treatment for Severe Dengue Patients in ColombiaDrugPediatricIn Process
Infectious DiseaseUniversity of ChicagoDr. MeltzerCan Vitamin D Reduce the Burden of COVID-19 in Chicago?NutraceuticalAdultIn Process
Inflammatory DiseaseSIDS Hospital and Research CentreDr. MehtaCombining the Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Simvastatin with N-Acetylcysteine for Chronic Pancreatitis in IndiaDrugAdultStarted 2022
Liver Disease/RareVietnam National Children’s Hospital/Big Leap ResearchDr. NguyenImproving Outcomes for the Rare Liver Disease Biliary Atresia with a Cancer Drug in VietnamDrugPediatricIn Process
NeuroUniversity of California, Los AngelesDr. AckermanTesting a Repurposed Device to Improve the Treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain in WomenDeviceAdultStarted 2022
NeuroUniversity of New MexicoDr. LewineRepurposing N-Acetylcysteine to Reduce Oxidative Stress, an Important Factor in Traumatic Brain InjuryDrugAdultStarted 2022
NeuroRush University Medical CenterDr. Voigt-ZuwalaEnhancing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Treatment for Veterans via Prebiotic SupplementationNutraceuticalAdultIn Process
NeuroEdward Hines Jr VA Hospital and CARESDr. Bender PapeUsing an Approved Depression Treatment to Restore Cognitive Function in Veterans with Mild TBI and PTSDDeviceAdultStarted 2022
NeuroAdvocate Aurora HealthDr. BurekTesting a Low-Dose of the Hypertension Drug Clonidine for PTSD in VeteransDrugAdultStarted 2022
Neuro/Infectious DiseaseEmory University School of MedicineDr. McKenzie-Brown - Researcher Spotlight available hereAddressing Chronic Pain in HIV Patients with an Approved Addiction TreatmentDrugAdultStarted 2022
Neuro/RareMcGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonDr. Furr-StimmingTreating Irritability in Huntington’s Disease with a Repurposed Neurological DrugDrugAdultIn Process
Oncology/RareUniversity of California, IrvineDr. FleischmanTreating a Group of Rare Blood Cancers, Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, with N-Acetylcysteine*DrugAdultIn Process
Oncology/RareThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterDr. Gordon
- Researcher Spotlight available here
Enhancing Treatment Response in Recurrent/Metastatic Osteosarcoma with Hydroxychloroquine*DrugPediatricIn Process
Oncology/RareLoyola University Medical CenterDr. LiottaRepurposing the Blood Pressure Drug Minoxidil for the Treatment of Recurrent Chemo-Resistant Ovarian CancerDrugAdultIn Process
Oncology/RareUniversity Hospital College IbadanDr. Ntekim
- Researcher Spotlight available here
Adding the Antibiotic Clofazimine to Chemotherapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer in NigeriaDrugAdultStarted 2022
Oncology/RareUniversity of Illinois ChicagoDr. SimsRepurposing a Diagnostic Device to Address Health Disparities in Esophageal Cancer Screening and OutcomesDevice / DiagosticAdultStarted 2022
Oncology/RareChildren’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaDr. SeifPreventing Relapse After Bone Marrow Transplant in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) with a Personalized TreatmentDrug PediatricIn Process
Oncology/RareUniversity of MichiganDr. SwiecickiRepurposing Old Drugs as New Therapies for Metastatic Thyroid Cancer*Drug  AdultIn Process
Oncology/RareMassachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, VUmc Cancer Center AmsterdamDrs. Tannous, Arrillaga-Romany, KouwenhovenA Novel Combination of Generic Chemotherapy Drugs to Treat Brain CancerDrugAdultIn Process
Ophthalmic/RareUniversity of California, DavisDr. ParkRepurposing Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Vision Loss Caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa OtherAdultIn Process
Ophthalmic/RareUniversity of MichiganDr. ZacksTesting a Generic Malarial Drug in a Rare Ophthalmic Condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa DrugAdultIn Process
OtherKEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research ProgrammeDr. Hamaluba
- Researcher Spotlight available here
Testing the Safety of a Metal Poisoning Drug to Treat Snakebite in KenyaDrugAdultIn Process
Rare/VascularStanford UniversityDr. TengTreating Vascular Malformations Using the Cancer Drug Trametinib*DrugPediatricIn Process

*CureAccelerator Live! winner