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cures-within-reach-radiologist-scansCures Within Reach’s mission is to improve patient quality and length of life by leveraging the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of testing already approved therapies for new indications that serve philanthropic and/or commercial uses, driving more treatments to more patients more quickly.

Cures Within Reach is the philanthropic leader in drug, device and nutraceutical repurposing research, which has the potential to transform the lives of patients with unsolved diseases by delivering treatments that can be used in the near-term. Our focus: funding the projects that, when successful, will catalyze follow-on funding and/or further trials and publications. We focus on patient access to viable treatments, regardless of whether there may be a philanthropic opportunity or commercial value to treat patients with unmet medical needs.

Our Value Proposition

Value Driving Catalyst: funding catalytic clinical trials championed by researchers/clinicians that impact unmet medical needs

Value Driving Facilitator: creating opportunities and developing resources that bring together repurposing research stakeholders

Our History

Judy and George Goldman

Judy and George Goldman

In 1998, Goldman Philanthropic Partners (GPP), a private operating foundation, was founded to accelerate the discovery of new treatments to improve the quality of life for people with catastrophic diseases. Dr. Bruce Bloom, currently the Chief Collaboration Officer of Healx, became Executive Director of Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships (GPP) in 2002.  In 2005, Partnership for Cures was established as a 501(c)(3) public charity to carry on the GPP mission, and in 2009, we narrowed our focus to repurposing research, with Bruce as President & Chief Science Officer of our newly-focused nonprofit.

In 2012, we formally changed our name to Cures Within Reach to better reflect the focus of its mission: repurposing drugs, devices, nutraceuticals, and other treatments to drive more treatments to more patients more quickly. In 2017, Bruce became CEO of Cures Within Reach, and Barbara Goodman joined the leadership team. In 2019, Bruce left to pursue other opportunities.

Cures Within Reach’s commitment has always been: 

  • Alleviating suffering and bringing hope to those dealing with life-threatening illness. 
  • Challenging research institutions to support alternative approaches for research and funding that may lead to medical breakthroughs. 
  • Inspiring and funding researchers with innovative ideas that might otherwise remain unexplored. 
  • Honoring a donor’s unique motivation to have an impact on the pursuit of treatments and cures. 

Fiscal Sponsorship

Cures Within Reach, throughout the years, has supported early-stage nonprofits during their development phase, as well as supporting research funding by such nonprofits through support services, scientific oversight, research sourcing and management.  Currently, our fiscal sponsorees are the Judy Hirsch Foundation and Dogs for Cures.  In the past, we’ve provided support for funds from The American Center(s) for Cures, the CRAVAT Foundation, Cures Within Reach for Cancer (now called Reboot Rx), FD Now,  Mission: Cure,  Noah’s Hope,  Hope4Bridget, Jasper Against Batten,  Lloyd Kupferberg Cancer Research Fund, and the PIC Foundation.