Grant Review Committee

Cures Within Reach is looking for interested repurposing research stakeholders – including members of academia, industry, government, disease-specific nonprofits and patient advocacy groups – to join our repurposing research Grant Review Committee.

Grant Reviewers are essential in helping CWR identify the most promising repurposing research for funding by volunteering their time and expertise; we are looking reviewers from a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Cures Within Reach typically has a two-stage grant submission process, including a brief proposal submission followed by a full grant application for the top-ranking proposals.

Grant Reviewers may provide:

  • Preliminary reviews of brief proposal submissions (approximately 20-40 minutes per review); proposal reviews are conducted via our CureAccelerator platform
  • More detailed reviews of full grant submissions (approximately 1-2 hours per review); grant reviews may be via email or an online platform

Other ways Grant Reviewers may participate:

  • Suggest other qualified and interested candidates for the Grant Review Committee
  • Provide CWR Staff with articles and connections to people relevant to our mission
  • Volunteer to assist CWR in presenting approved research protocols to prospective donors at various educational and/or funding events when needed

There is no set schedule or commitment in order to participate as a CWR Grant Reviewer. CWR Staff will reach out as needed for support, and Grant Reviewers can opt in or out of any particular request. Some Grant Reviewers will participate regularly and broadly, while others will participate sporadically and narrowly.

There are no regular meetings to attend or travel involved. All contact is electronic and/or via phone.

To get started as a Grant Reviewer, complete a brief (5 min) survey at this link. This information will allow us to match your interests, areas of expertise and background to available CWR grant review opportunities. Once the online survey is completed, and the Grant Reviewer submits a biosketch, CV or resume, CWR will begin to involve the Grant Review as appropriate.

For more information, or to be considered as a Grant Reviewer for a current funding opportunity, contact Clare Thibodeaux, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs, at