What’s available: 3,000 FDA-approved drugs, countless nutriceuticals and 1000s of devices The Problem: 90% of all patients will not see an effective treatment in their lifetime and for 12,000 diseases, only 30-40 new drugs are approved annually What can be done: With 25 research partners, and less than $7M in philanthropic funds, we have created 9 repurposed treatments changing the lives of thousands of patients What can be done: With 25 research partners, and less than $7M in philanthropic funds, we have created 9 repurposed treatments changing the lives of thousands of patients


Cures Within Reach catalyzes repurposing research to quickly and affordably improve patient lives.  Cures Within Reach leverages the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of medical repurposing research, driving more treatments to more patients more quickly.


Repurposing Trials for COVID19:  The global healthcare community is working together in unprecedented ways to treat patients and learn from each other. There are many opportunities underway using already approved drugs in clinical trials to treat COVID19 patients, providing evidence based medicine to clinicians.  Read more from:

Repurposing Funding Opportunities in COVID19

  1. NCATS: Notice of Special Interest: Repurposing Existing Therapeutics to Address the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease
  2. C3.ai DTI: mitigating COVID with AI  
  3. LifeArc: drug development funding 

Resources for Repurposing in COVID19

  1. CURE ID: case reporting tool from NIH/NCATS and FDA ​
  2. Data Against COVID19: data sharing platform  ​
  3. XSEDE’s HPC-COVID19 Consortium: computing resources


We serve as a:

Value Driving Catalyst, bringing stakeholders together to undertake repurposing research opportunities; and a

Value Driving Facilitator, building, managing and growing CureAccelerator as a central repurposing platform and creating other opportunities to bring together repurposing research stakeholders

Repurposing tests existing drugs and devices to create treatments for unsolved diseases.  Learn more about repurposing.


Submit a proposal for or spread the word about our Open Funding Opportunity Requests for Proposals!

We are currently proposals for cinical and pre-clinical repurposing trials in several disease areas or geographies.  Find more information on our RFP page.


CA Live w circleR 2018 v2

CureAccelerator Live! is a philanthropic pitch competition that gives attendees the chance to find and fund the next breakthrough repurposing treatment at a unique networking event for researchers, clinicians, patient groups, biomedical industry professionals and funders. Don’t miss this opportunity to help harness the power of repurposing research and help bring groundbreaking treatments to patients in need. 


CA Live Rare WinnerCongratulations to the winner of CureAccelerator Live! for Rare Diseases: Kim Nichols, MD, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital "Repurposing a Blood Cancer Drug to Treat an Immune Disorder in Children"





CAL DW WinnerCongratulations to the winner of CureAccelerator Live! for the Developing World: Majdi Osman, MD, MPH, OpenBiome "The THRIVE Study: Repurposing Fecal Microbiota Transplantation For the Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition in South Africa" - read the full press release here & see photos here.





LDOGLong(est) Day of Golf Fundraiser 2020

For over 10 years, golfers have been raising funds for medical repurposing research at Cures Within Reach’s annual golf event. In 2020, we return to play at Rich Harvest Farms, an exclusive private course rarely accessible by non-members and named the 5th best new private course in the US by Golf Digest when it debuted in 1999.


See photos from our 2019 Golf Fundraiser




Why is Repurposing important? 


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