Cures Within Reach’s mission is to leverage the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of repurposing, testing already approved therapies for new diseases: driving more treatments to more patients more quickly.

Our focus: providing seed funds for proof-of-concept or pivotal studies that, when successful, allow a catalytic effect of follow-on funding for trials that build clinical evidence for regulatory approval or for off-label use.

Our 2023 Annual Report is available here.

Read about our newest success story in tuberculosis and our new organizational records achieved during 2023:

  • $16 million in follow-on funding raised by our researchers
  • 16 clinical trials started
  • 10 clinical trials completed


Read our January 2024 news release announcing our newest success story in tuberculosis, our new funding partner for LMICs and the 4 LMIC-based clinical trials selected in 2023.


Learn about our 2024 initiatives: 

in Pediatrics

for Veterans/Military

and for Underrepresented Patients and Researchers.

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