Repurposing Grants for the Rest of the World

 ReGRoW is a non-profit program developed to support the growth of clinical research from within low and lower-middle income countries (LMICs) to find treatments for patients in LMICs, using repurposed therapies.

Funding For Clinical Research From Within LMICs

There is a significant need for expanding clinical research capacity in LMICs, where many talented researchers struggle to get the necessary funding to advance their ideas. Currently, less than 10% of global resources are dedicated to research in developing countries. We are addressing both the need for the building of clinical research capacity and the funding gap in LMICs with our program called ReGRoW: Repurposing Grants for the Rest of the World.

ReGRoW is providing grants – between US$25,000 and US$50,000 each – for scientists and clinicians in LMICs who are investigating how currently approved therapies can be repurposed for the treatment of unsolved diseases in their own communities.

In doing so, we aim to:

  • Expand the potential for and funding of clinical research in LMICs
  • Address local health concerns through local research
  • Empower scientists through funding access
  • Lower the cost of clinical development by using therapies already known to be safe and effective in other indications

Cures Within Reach received over 30 proposal submissions from 12 LMIC countries on 4 continents.  After a 2-stage review process, supported by our Science Advisory Board, over 20 volunteer, external members of our Grant Review Committee, and input from our ReGRoW funding partners, Cures Within Reach selected three clinical repurposing projects for funding during our pilot year:


Snakebite in Kenya:Testing the Safety of a Repurposed Drug to Treat Snakebite 

Infectious disease in Nigeria: Treating Tuberculosis with a Lipid Lowering Drug

Rare pediatrics in Vietnam: Improving Outcomes for the Rare Liver Disease Biliary Atresia with a Cancer Drug


Cures Within Reach thanks Takeda Pharmaceuticals Research & Development Division for support in helping conceptualize the ReGRoW pilot as well as providing financial support of the initial ReGRoW projects, all in support of underserved communities and researchers.

Industry leader Takeda Pharmaceuticals supports repurposing research


Why Focus on Repurposed Therapies?

Developing, manufacturing, and gaining regulatory approval for a novel pharmaceutical can take up to 20 years, from bench to bedside. One strategy for shortening the drug development timeline is repurposing currently approved therapies for the treatment of unsolved diseases. This can drive the discovery of more treatments for more patients more quickly.

There are many advantages with repurposing approved drugs.

clinical research for unsolved diseases

Diseases Researched

repurposing research grants funding

Repurposing Projects Funded


Institutions Funded


Diseases Improved


Startups with CWR Investments


Companies Commercializing CWR Projects


Millions of Dollars in Project Funding

repurposing-research-initiated -follow-on-funding supporting clinical research

Millions of Dollars in Follow-on Funding Leveraged

Eligibility Criteria for ReGRoW

Do you (or anyone you know!) have a clinical repurposing research idea that would be a good fit for ReGRoW?

To be eligible for a ReGRoW grant, proposed projects must:

  • Serve an unmet medical need in any disease area (ReGRoW is disease-agnostic)
  • Use only generic or off-patent drugs or drug-like compounds, including nutraceuticals and indigenous medicines, that can be accessed in the country where the research is being performed
  • Involve only human clinical research


For principal investigators (PIs) to be eligible, their proposed research must be performed in institutions that:

  • Are based in LMICs, according to criteria from the World Bank
  • Have received previous external, third-party clinical research funding from a government, NGO, private foundation, or private source
  • Have an Institutional Review Board, Ethics Committee or equivalent review board in place
  • Follow the WHO’s GLP, GCLP, and/or GCP guidelines, or equivalent
  • Have past or current experience with human clinical research


ReGRoW Proposal Submission Instructions

ReGRoW proposal submissions must be submitted through our CureAccelerator platform. CureAccelerator is free to use and acts as a forum for clinicians, researchers, patients and others to share and learn about repurposing research ideas. Sign up as a Researcher or Clinician today!

If you want to learn more about CureAccelerator, check out the CureAccelerator FAQ.

All proposals must be submitted on the CureAccelerator platform by 11:59 pm US Central Time on August 6, 2021, to be considered.

If you have eligibility or submission questions, or if you are interested in volunteering with ReGRoW, please contact Clare Thibodeaux, Ph.D. at

The Review Timeline

ReGRoW has a two-stage application process. The initial submission is a high-level proposal, and PIs are asked for basic information about the proposed treatment, research plan, budget, disease background, and other topics. Limited scientific details are required at the initial proposal stage, just enough to give reviewers a general sense of the research background and experimental plan. PIs will be notified in approximately 6-8 weeks after the proposal submission deadline if their initial proposal has been selected to move on to the next stage of the process.

In the second stage, selected PIs will be invited to submit a full grant submission, which will include a detailed scientific plan and roadmap. PIs invited to submit a full grant will be provided with instructions and the necessary materials at that time, and will have approximately four weeks to complete the submission. PIs are notified of the funding decision approximately 8-10 weeks after the full grant submission deadline.

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Additional Information

The ReGRoW pilot funds proof-of-concept clinical trials, of any design, that can determine whether or not a repurposed therapy may have a direct and positive impact on patients. We accept project proposals with budgets that are US$50,000 or less, or that have budgets greater than US$50,000 and have already received funding from other sources and are looking for additional funding sources.

More About Cures Within Reach

CWR improves patient quality and length of life by leveraging the speed, safety and cost-effectiveness of medical repurposing research, driving more treatments to more patients more quickly. We are a philanthropic leader in drug, device, and nutraceutical repurposing research, which has the potential to transform the lives of patients with unsolved diseases by delivering treatments that can be used in the near-term.  Learn more by visiting:

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