cures-within-reach-cancer-patient-womanWhile Cures Within Reach is disease-agnostic, we are dedicated to improving the quality and length of life for patients living with cancer through the speed and cost-effectiveness of medical repurposing.

Our events and research within the Oncology Repurposing Community all focus on connecting our many stakeholder groups together in our shared goal: driving more treatments to more patients more quickly through repurposing.



Repurposing for Pediatric Patients: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 
November 2020
A patient-focused conversation on the opportunities that repurposing drugs, devices and other treatments provide for the pediatric patient population.

How Patients Impact the 505(b)(2) Regulatory Process
October 2020
A patient-focused conversation on the 505(b)(2) regulatory process and how patients, caregivers and patient advocacy groups can engage with both industry and regulators to support the drug development process, share their real-world perspectives for clinical trial planning and represent the patient view throughout the drug approval process.

The Future of Patient Care in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Other Blood Cancers
September 2019
Palo Alto, CA
A patient education event providing insight into current approaches to treating and living with AML and into potential future AML therapies.

CureAccelerator Live! for Rare Diseases 2019
June 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Three finalists from the US and Italy competing for up to $50,000 to fund their repurposing clinical trials impacting rare disease patients.

2018 Global Health Repurposing Awards
June 2018
Chicago, IL
Recognizing leaders from industry, research and philanthropic who have created patient impact through the repurposing in oncology.

CureAccelerator Live! for Oncology 2017
November 2017
Chicago, IL
Five finalists from institutions across the US competing for up to $50,000 to fund their oncology repurposing clinical trials.

CureAccelerator Live! for Chicago 2016
March 2016
Chicago, IL
Three finalists from Chicago-area institutions competing for up to $50,000 to fund their groundbreaking repurposing clinical trials.