Testing an Antihypertensive Drug as an Add-On Therapy for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy Patients in Zambia

Adult, Current Research, Developing World, Dr. Zimba, Drug, LMICs, Minority/Underserved, Neuro, ReGRoW, University of Zambia School of Medicine

Principal Investigator: Dr. Stanley Zimba

Disease: Epilepsy

Research Description: Epilepsy is the most common chronic neurological disease worldwide, affecting approximately 0.5-0.8% of the global population, 80% of whom reside in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). In many LMICs, including Zambia, fewer than 20% of individuals with epilepsy are treated with anti-seizure medications (ASMs). Major reasons include the lack of resources and erratic supply of drugs, the high cost of new-generation ASMs, and stigma toward those with epilepsy. This open-label clinical trial will investigate adding losartan, a safe and low-cost drug approved for high blood pressure, to the current standard of care of carbamazepine and phenobarbital – the only ASMs provided by the Zambian Ministry of Health. The research team will recruit 30 adults who continue to experience seizures while receiving ASMs and will study the safety and efficacy of adding losartan for these drug-resistant patients. If this pilot trial is successful, a larger placebo-controlled clinical study will be conducted.

Funding Partner: Cures Within Reach

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