Stakeholders Add Value to Repurposing Research

Cures Within Reach is the only disease-agnostic not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to repurposing approved drugs, devices, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and combination products to drive more treatments to more patients more quickly. A comprehensive network of stakeholders add value to repurposing research through engaging with each other.

Stakeholders represent

  • patient groups and disease associations
  • universities and research institutions
  • healthcare industry and service providers
  • philanthropy
  • government / others.

Cures Within Reach works to build relationships across stakeholder groups to develop and undertake repurposing research projects.

Our Repurposing Communities, launched in 2019, provide strategic alignment  among our many stakeholder groups within both disease-specific (rare diseases; oncology; and neurology) and  geographic areas of interests (Chicago; the Mid-Atlantic region; and the Developing World). Engagement by all our stakeholder groups can be enhanced within a specific community, as well as through our overall organization.

These virtual repurposing communities provide  value within aligned strategic interests to all stakeholder members.