Recently Completed Research Map

Recently Completed Research

Recently completed research trials have been finished within the last five years. Funding the latest research supports clinicians and researchers across the country who are pursuing and discovering new indications for complex diseases. We support repurposing research for any and all disease areas including cardio, neuro, oncology, ophthalmic, vascular and rare diseases in pediatrics and adults. Research projects are dedicated to repurposing approved drugs, devices, diagnostics, nutraceuticals and combination products. Recently completed repurposing research projects often include proof-of-concept clinical trials or other preclinical studies to evaluate the efficacy and appropriate uses for repurposing. Successful researchers often leverage positive data into follow-on funding.

Our impact philanthropy approach prioritizes the patient. Our funding helps complete repurposing research for philanthropic projects which have critical value and impact on patients, but little or no commercial value. We also fund commercial repurposing projects. This may result in industry bringing these projects to regulatory approval and then to market. Patients benefit from having additional treatment options.

We follow completed research trials for up to 5 years measuring our funding’s patient and scientific impact in many ways, including a) the leverage of positive data into follow-on funding; b) papers published or presented; c) larger clinical trials conducted; and d) positive patient outcomes.

Map of Our Recently Completed Trials: