Our Impact

​Currently our funding has catalyzed nearly $10 in follow-on funding for every $1 we’ve invested ourselves.

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Millions of Dollars in Project Funding

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Millions of Dollars in Follow-on Funding Leveraged

Cures Within Reach measures our impact in several ways throughout the timeline of the projects we fund – both during the project and after the project is completed – including:

  • Research aims met during the project
  • Benefit seen in patients during the project
  • Publication or presentation of results
  • Follow on funding received
  • Follow on trials, impacting more patients
  • Impacting patients broadly

Our Success Stories and Case Studies

Our facilitated research has led to at least 18 treatments in use by patients today or funded for larger confirmatory clinical trials.  The examples below include projects repurposing both drugs and devices, and projects that impact patients with rare diseases and diseases in larger populations. 

CWR Success Story: Creating Patient Impact for MS Patients


CWR Success Story: Repurposing a Liver Cyst Laser Device in Prostate Cancer

CWR Success Story: A Miracle Cure for Nicole