Dogs for Cures

Dogs for Cures trained medical service dogsTrained Medical Service Dogs

Dogs for Cures is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals with type 1 diabetes by helping to provide trained medical service dogs to those who could not otherwise afford them. These dogs improve patient health by providing diagnostic support through their keen sense of smell, reducing complications by monitoring medical changes, and facilitating patient independence and safety.

Dogs for Cures Foundation is dedicated to:

1) Training medical service dogs.

2) Educating physicians, patients and the public about the value of medical service dogs to improve health by providing diagnostic support through their sensitive sense of smell, reducing medical complications through their monitoring of medical changes in a patient, and improving quality of life through their ability to support patient independence and safety.

3) Improving the medical service dog industry through scientific research to validate the benefits of medical service dogs and to establish best practices in the training of medical service dogs and their owners/patient partners.


The Need for Trained Medical Service Dogs

As many as 5 million Americans have diseases that could benefit from the assistance of a trained medical service dog. Over a million patients with type 1 diabetes still do not have accurate glucose monitoring and maintenance, especially at night while they are asleep.

As we undertake this work we will promote awareness of the use of diabetic alert and other medical service dogs to help improve health and prevent medical complications. We will also increase awareness of ADA regulations for medical service dogs in schools and businesses, and provide ongoing consultation and additional training to ensure the diabetic alerts service dog/patient team succeed as medical conditions change.

Our long range goals are to have a validated scientific protocol which will expedite the training process with a high degree of quality and accuracy of training of diabetic alert and other medical service dogs and to examine odorants (saliva,blood, and breath) which trigger the dogs alert and are indicative of changes in blood glucose levels.

The Dogs for Cures Foundation was started by Lisa Kelly to help others find the same level of success that Lisa’s son, Liam, found when he was able to secure a diabetic alert dog to help monitor his blood sugar and reduce his risk of having life threatening lows.**PLEASE NOTE: Your bank statement will read “Cures Within Reach” or “Partnership for Cures”. Rest assured your donation will be directed to Dogs for Cures.