Principal Investigators: Dr. Bakhos Tannous, Dr. Isabel Arrillaga-Romany, Dr. Mathilde Kouwenhoven, Dr. Myra Van Linde


Disease: Glioblastoma

Research Description: Glioblastomas (GBMs) are the most common and most lethal form of brain cancers in adults. Length of survival following diagnosis is typically 12-15 months, and less than 10% of patients survive beyond 5 years. The standard chemotherapy for GBM is temozolomide (TMZ), but only about half of patients treated with TMZ respond. Dr. Tannous has shown that a combination of TMZ and another generic drug, hydroxyurea, can increase GBM survival rates in mice. He and his collaborator in the Netherlands, Dr. Kouwenhoven, now propose a clinical trial to test this novel combination in humans. This pilot trial seeks to determine the best dose of TMZ/hydroxyurea and will determine the impact of the combination treatment on survival. If successful, results from this clinical trial could lead to a new therapy option for patients suffering from GBM.

Funding Partners: Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships and Anonymous

CWR funding role: Participating funder


Completed Research


Tannous poster CureAccelerator Live! 2017

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