Saving Limbs from Chronic Ischemia: Helping Nature Do Its Magic

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Principal Investigator: Dr. George Havelka, Dr. Darwin Eton

Disease: Chronic limb-threatening ischemia

Research Description: Patients with Chronic Limb‐threatening Ischemia (CLI) suffer from impeded blood flow to their limbs. They present with foot pain, ulceration and/or gangrene. They require risky and costly revascularization operations to avoid amputation, although these surgeries are ineffective in many cases and amputations are sometimes required. Drs. Havelka and Eton have found that combining a compression device with a drug originally approved for use in cancer patients restored vascularization, significantly improves patient outcomes, eliminates the need for surgery and reduces amputation rates. This clinical study of CLI patients will describe the molecular effects of the repurposed treatment.

Funding Partners: Anonymous

CWR funding role: Primary funder

Completed: 2019

Completed Research