Treating Irritability in Huntington’s Disease with a Repurposed Neurological Drug

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Principal Investigator: Erin Furr-Stimming, MD


Disease: Huntington’s Disease

Research Description: Huntington’s disease (HD) is a devastating inherited neurologic disease that encompasses motor, cognitive, and psychiatric symptoms. Common psychiatric symptoms, including depression, irritability, impulsivity, and apathy, may precede the onset of motor symptoms. Irritability in HD may lead to aggressive behavior and emotional outbursts that can be harmful to both the patient and caregiver. The current medications available to treat irritability in individuals with HD are off label and often have unwanted side effects. The research team proposes a clinical trial using Nuedexta, a drug approved in 2010 for pseudobulbar affect, to address irritability in HD. Nuedexta has been studied in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and was found to significantly improve agitation. Results from the proposed study have the potential to identify an effective medication to improve patient quality of life by addressing this disruptive and destructive behavioral symptom of HD.

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