ProposalCentral: Grants Management System

Looking for Cures Within Reach’s CureAccelerator site?  We moved our grants management system into ProposalCentral from our CureAccelerator platform. But don’t worry – we archived all research and reviews submitted on CureAccelerator. All previous proposals are still part of our repurposing research pipeline and we will continue to collect new repurposing research ideas on ProposalCentral.

When we launched CureAccelerator in 2015 as the world’s first online platform dedicated to repurposing research, Cures Within Reach brought together researchers, clinicians, industry and patients/community members to source, review and fund over 60 repurposing research trials. To better accommodate our growing research portfolio, Cures Within Reach transitioned to ProposalCentral in late 2022. This grants management system will allow Cures Within Reach to more efficiently and effectively manage our repurposing research grants and awards not only during the initial submission and review stages, but in the post-award management stage as well.

Whether you are a new user to ProposalCentral or a current user, we hope this transition will be as seamless as possible.