Repurposing a blood test to improve outcomes for high-risk lung cancer patients undergoing low-dose CT screening

Adult, Chicago, Completed Research, Diagnostic, Dr. Borgia, Oncology, Rush University Medical Center

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeffrey Borgia

Disease: Lung Cancer

Research Description: Early detection of lung cancer can save lives. Low‐dose computer tomography (CT) screening in high‐risk lung cancer patients has been shown to reduce mortality. However, only a small percentage of the suspicious lesions identified on CT scans are malignant, leading to unnecessary biopsies or surgeries in many patients. Dr. Borgia and his team are repurposing a blood diagnostic test Dr. Borgia developed with prior Cures Within Reach funding to help clinicians rule out non‐malignant lung cancer cases in other clinical circumstances. This research project will repurpose this diagnostic test to determine if it could help sort out malignant from non‐malignant lesions, thereby improving physician decision making, patient care and outcomes and reducing healthcare costs following a CT screening scan.

Funding Partners: Anonymous

CWR funding role: Primary funder

Completed: 2018


Completed Research