Cures Within Reach's Disease-Focused & Geographical-Focused Repurposing Communities 





In 2019, Cures Within Reach created repurposing communities to provide strategic alignment among our many stakeholder groups within disease-specific interests and geographic areas of interests. Engagement by all our stakeholder groups can be enhanced at the local community level as well as through CWR central organization, including patient groups and disease associations, universities and research institutions, healthcare industry and service providers, philanthropy, and government / others.

Our Current Disease-Specific Communities
● Oncology
● Rare diseases
● Neuro

Current Geographic-Specific Communities
● The Mid-Atlantic (includes Washington DC, VA, MD, DE and parts of PA)
● Chicagoland
● The Developing World




Value to Stakeholders
These virtual repurposing communities provide value within aligned strategic interests to all stakeholder-members.

● More “shots on goal” for unmet medical needs within strategically aligned interests

● Investing when commercial value is still unknown

● Exposure to and engagement with patient-centered, patient-focused groups

● Double bottom line: patient impact; success may be reinvested; economic development from follow-on funding


Value CWR Provides

● Partnering with a global repurposing leader

● Vetted due diligence process and management of funded projects during and after

● Neutrality and conflict-free selection process

● Leverage! Seed funding often leads to follow-on funding

● Community of like-minded stakeholders




Community Programming
Annual support from stakeholders supports our efforts to find, select and manage all of our on-going projects, future grants and awards programs and educational sessions.

Separate funding from those stakeholders interested in deeper, more specific engagement provides funding to develop Community-Specific Programming aligned with each partner.


● An individual donor supports a funding opportunity RFP in a rare disease via a CureAccelerator Live! pitch event to select the winning project

● A biopharma company supports a patient educational event in oncology

● A private foundation supports Impact Awards for neuro-focused, geographic-neutral repurposing startups

Program-specific content is developed within and for each community – while available for and open to all stakeholders and the public.


Central Programming
All communities gain from our Centrally-based programming that provides:

● The sharing of learnings and promoting collaboration across our communities

● Patient-centric educational opportunities that impact all our communities

● Promotion to all stakeholders and the public of the program-specific content developed within and for each community


Cures Within Reach Central Develops and Supports:

● Our annual Global Health Repurposing Awards to honor research, philanthropy and industry creating positive patient impact

CureAccelerator platform


If you have any questions on how to join a Community, please contact Cures Within Reach: 1.847.745.1250 or



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