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Cures Within Reach is the only disease-agnostic organization exclusively dedicated to repurposing approved and available drugs, devices, nutraceuticals and diagnostics to drive more treatments to more patients more quickly. We award funding for innovative repurposing clinical trials, providing over $6 million in funding to date. See our mission and impact.

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How does Cures Within Reach define repurposing research?

    • Repurposing research tests already approved and readily available drugs, devices, nutraceuticals and diagnostics to determine if they are safe and effective in treating a different indication, thereby improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Although repurposed therapies do not need to be FDA approved, they must be deemed safe and approved for human use by some regulatory body, such as the European Medicines Agency, Health Canada or Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.


  • Repurposing research may also:
    • Test combination therapies in order to increase efficacy, including combining the current disease treatment with a repurposed treatment
    • Modify current treatment protocols to make them more effective, helping more patients for longer periods of time
    • Repurpose therapies approved for use in adults into pediatric indications
    • Read more about drug repurposing

What types of diseases does Cures Within Reach support?

  • Cures Within Reach is a disease-agnostic organization. We fund repurposing research in any unsolved disease. An unsolved disease is one in which one or more of the following are true:
    • There is currently no effective treatment
    • The current treatment is only effective for a portion of the patient population
    • There is a treatment that is effective, but many patients develop resistance to the therapy
    • There is a treatment that is effective for the entire patient population, but the treatment is very expensive, and therefore some patients cannot get access to the treatment
    • There is a treatment that is effective for the entire patient population with significant side effects, and for some patients the negative side effects outweigh the benefits of the treatment
  • View our currently funded projects

What kinds of repurposing projects does Cures Within Reach support?

  • Cures Within Reach’s strongest preference is for proof of concept repurposing clinical trials supported by strong scientific evidence or clinical observations. These trials can be completed in 3 years or less and for less than $250,000. In some cases, we may also consider late stage preclinical projects that would lead directly to repurposing clinical trials. View our currently funded projects and funding opportunities.

How can I view current and previous Cures Within Reach funding opportunities?

How can I be notified when new Cures Within Reach funding opportunities are announced?

What if I have a repurposing research idea that doesn’t match a current Cures Within Reach funding opportunity?

  • Cures Within Reach still wants to hear about your repurposing research idea! Researchers and clinicians are encouraged to submit their projects on CureAccelerator, even in the absence of an open funding opportunity. These projects become part of our pipeline, and we will notify PIs when an appropriate funding opportunity is available. We also use the projects in our pipeline to generate interest in and excitement for repurposing research among our donors.

How do I submit a repurposing research proposal to Cures Within Reach?

  • Proposals must be submitted on CureAccelerator, our online platform dedicated to repurposing research. Registration on CureAccelerator is fast, easy, and free. Once registered as a Researcher or Clinician, click the box titled “Start a New Project” on your CureAccelerator homepage. Simply follow the instructions to complete the web form.

What is the general submission and review process at Cures Within Reach?

  • Most Cures Within Reach funding opportunities have a two-stage submission process. Researchers and clinicians are first asked to submit a brief proposal that includes a description of the research plan, the budget and the disease background. Proposals are not meant to include detailed scientific information. After a review process involving internal, external and/or Science Advisory Board reviewers, Cures Within Reach will invite the top-rated proposals to submit a full grant. Full grants include full scientific details for the project. Full grants are scored and ranked, and a funding decision is made. See the funding opportunity RFP process and timeline. 

What is the Cures Within Reach funding model?

  • Cures Within Reach will provide up to 80% of the requested project funding, and the institution proposing the research will match at least 20% of the requested project funding. For example, if the requested project funding is $50,000, Cures Within Reach will provide 80% or $40,000 and the institution will match $10,000 or 20%.

  • Cures Within Reach funding must be sole, late or final funding for the project. Funding from Cures Within Reach cannot be the first funding raised for a project, unless the requested funding, including the 20% match from the institution, equals the total project budget.

What costs can be included in a project budget submitted to Cures Within Reach?

  • Project budgets can range from $25,000 to $250,000 with no more than 10% of the budget allocated for direct administrative costs. Our typical award is in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. Cures Within Reach does not fund indirect or overhead costs. See our Conditions of Awards.

How do I edit or update my existing project on CureAccelerator?

  • If you would like to edit or update an existing project on CureAccelerator, please contact Clare Thibodeaux, PhD at 

What happens after I submit a proposal on CureAccelerator?

  • For projects submitted to an open funding opportunity: Cures Within Reach will publish your proposal on CureAccelerator, and you will be contacted in approximately 6-8 weeks following the submission deadline with the results of the proposal review process. We will invite the top-rated proposals to submit a full grant at this time. If your project is not selected for a full grant, it will remain on CureAccelerator and in the Cures Within Reach pipeline unless you choose to remove it.
  • For projects not submitted to an open funding opportunity: Cures Within Reach will publish your proposal on CureAccelerator, and your project will remain on CureAccelerator and in our repurposing research pipeline. Your project will not be reviewed and scored until an appropriate funding opportunity becomes available, and we will contact you at that time.

What criteria will be used to review my submission?

  • Proposal submissions to Cures Within Reach are scored on a number of factors:
    • Innovation in the repurposing arena
    • Feasibility of the research plan/idea
    • Relevancy to the disease and/or patient population
    • Investigator and environment
    • Potential clinical impact (speed, cost, safety, effectiveness)
    • Return on investment (how much bang will each research buck bring?)
  • Full grant submissions are scored on the above factors, plus:
    • Scientific/clinical support for the research
    • Scientific merit and design of the research

What happens if my project is selected for a full grant submission?

  • Cures Within Reach will contact you with full grant submission instructions and materials. PIs have approximately 3-4 weeks to submit a full grant, and funding decisions are made approximately 8-10 weeks following the submission deadline. See the funding opportunity RFP process and timeline.

How can I learn about grant review opportunities with Cures Within Reach?

  • Cures Within Reach is looking for interested repurposing research stakeholders – including members of academia, industry, government, disease-specific nonprofits and patient advocacy groups – to join our repurposing research Grant Review Committee. Read more about the Grant Review Committee.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

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