Cures Within Reach is interested in Repurposing Research that tests existing science for new purposes.  Results from these projects can create better treatment options for diseases without a currently effective treatment, improve early diagnosis and lengthen disease remission.  Project budgets can range from $25,000 to $250,000 with no more than 10% of the budget allocated for direct administrative costs, travel, and publications and typically last 12-36 months.  

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For Researchers:

If you have a repurposing research proposal in mind, we would like to hear about it.  Please become a user of CureAccelerator, the world's first online, interactive platform dedicated to Repurposing Research and post your repurposing research project proposal! 

For Research Institution Staff:

We are happy to engage with you around partner agreement initiation.  Here is a current list of our partner institutions.  Please review our research-specific guidelines below and contact us with questions.

A Repurposing Research project may:

1. repurpose an FDA approved drug or drug combinations to treat "off label" diseases
2. combine an older drug or a combination of older drugs with a newer drug to increase the newer drug effectiveness
3. combine a drug with a non-drug treatment option, such as radiation, to make the non-drug treatment work better
4. combine a non-drug treatment option with an available drug to make the drug work better
5. test combinations of available drugs that are not currently prescribed together but are already used in one specific disease to see if the combination works better in that disease
6. scientifically test combinations of vitamins, supplements and botanicals, that would be available to physicians and their patients, if efficacy can be proven
7. in limited circumstances, human clinical testing of new compounds, in rare diseases for which there is no current treatment, and there is strong likelihood of efficacy and accelerated approval
8. repurpose FDA approved devices to treat "off label" diseases
9. modify current treatment protocols to make them work better and help more patients for longer periods of time, such as modifying the time of day of drug administration, reducing drug doses while increasing the frequency of drug administration to reduce side effects, testing radically lower doses of effective medicines that patients refuse because of side effects
10. scientifically test clinical observations or sound clinical ideas, including those from integrative medicine or from other parts of the world 


Research Guidelines

Cures Within Reach is primarily interested in pilot clinical trials that can be completed in under 3 years and $250,000.  The following questions are answered by our scientific advisors when reviewing proposals:


1) Is this proposed research truly Repurposing Research, which we define as taking drugs, devices or nutraceuticals already approved for human use and repurposing them for a new disease indication, or making changes to an existing treatment protocol?
2) Does the proposed Repurposing Research treatment target a disease that


a. does not currently have sufficiently effective treatment, or
b. has an effective treatment that is very expensive, and/or
c. has an effective treatment with significant side effect profile, and/or
d. has an effective treatment for only a portion of the patient population?


3) Is this project likely to show a clinically significant difference between control and test groups, or clinically significant differences from the normal course of the disease where there is no control group?
4) Is the proposed Repurposing Research project unique, or is it redundant with or invalidated by other clinical trial research that has already been completed or is in process?
5) If the proposed Repurposing Research treatment succeeds, is it likely to reduce future healthcare costs?
6) Is the proposed Repurposing Research treatment designed to create a treatment that appropriately balances efficacy with safety?
7) Is this Repurposing Research likely to create significant patient impact in the next 2-4 years, either through off-label use, or commercialization after FDA or other regulatory agency marketing approval?
8) Are the costs and timelines as minimal as possible to accomplish the purpose of the project?
9) Is the applicant likely to have the credentials, ability and support to conduct the research?

Conditions of Awards 


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