Recently Completed Projects

Completed in the last 2 years

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Cardio Vanderbilt University Medical Center Dr. Cox

Comparison of Diuretic Combination Therapies in Heart Failure Patients

Drug Adult Completed 2018
Neuro Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Dr. Wink Repurposing a Generic Drug in Autism Spectrum Disorder Drug Pediatric Completed 2019
Neuro Johns Hopkins Medicine Dr. Hollinger

Repurposing a Generic Drug in the Treatment of Pediatric Depression

Device Pediatric Completed 2018
Neuro Weill Cornell Medical College Dr. Crystal  Repurposing Gene Therapy for Batten Disease Other Pediatric Completed 2018
Neuro University of Toronto Dr. Lanctôt A new opportunity to treat behavioral problems in Alzheimer’s patients Drug Adult Completed 2019
Neuro Rush University Medical Center Dr. Young, Dr. Fitzgerald

Repurposing a Device to Treat Abnormalities of Gait and Balance in CNS disorders

 Device Adult Completed 2018
Oncology Rush University Medical Center Dr. Borgia Repurposing a blood test to improve outcomes for high-risk lung cancer patients undergoing low-dose CT screening Diagnostic Adult Completed 2018
Oncology Seattle Childrens Dr. Leary  Drugs for Recurrent Pediatric Brain Tumors  Drug  Pediatric  Completed 2018
Oncology Virginia Tech University Dr. Davalos Using an Approved Device to Increase the Immune Response in Pancreatic Cancer Patients  Device  Adult Completed 2018
Oncology / Rare Johns Hopkins Medicine Dr. Riggins A Phase I Trial for Recurrent Pediatric Brain Cancers Using a Repurposed Generic Drug Drug Pediatric Completed 2019
Oncology / Rare Ulm University  Dr. Halatsch Combining Nine Repurposed Drugs with a Current Chemotherapy Treatment in Adult Brain Cancer Drug Adult Completed 2020
Ophthalmic University of Pennsylvania Medicine Dr. Kim Repurposing a Nutraceutical to Treat a Type of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Nutraceutical Adult Completed 2019
Rare Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, The Hospital for Sick Children Drs. Levine, Sochett Repurposing an Antibiotic to Treat a Defect in Vitamin D Metabolism Drug Pediatric Completed 2020
Rare Children's National Health System, University of Illinois at Chicago Dr. Nadler, Dr. Holterman Using a Cancer Drug to Treat a Rare Pediatric Liver Disease Drug Pediatric Completed 2019
Vascular University of Illinois at Chicago Dr. Havelka, Dr. Eton  Saving Limbs from Chronic Ischemia: Helping Nature Do Its Magic* Drug/Device combo   Adult Completed 2019


 *CureAccelerator Live! Winner


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