Part II: Business Review

Drug Discovery World, Spring 2015

Dr. Stephen Naylor, David M. Kauppi and Judge M. Schonfeld

There is an emerging consensus that the impact of Drug Repurposing, Repositioning and Rescue (DRPx) on the pharmaceutical industry is real and sustainable.The activity and productivity of DRPx focused companies as well as pharmaceutical company efforts appear to offer some encouragement in providing solutions to the myriad of problems the industry faces at the present time.These efforts can only be sustained and expanded if the dynamic variables of viable and creative business models are identified and understood. In this work we describe the lessons that can be learnt from surveying the landscape of the DRPx industry.This analysis includes both the successes and the failures of past DRPx companies.We introduce the various stakeholders that are shifting the decision process of DRPx implementation and acceptance away from the pharmaceutical industry. In addition the component pieces necessary to enhance the value of a DRPx company are discussed and the top 10 mini- blockbuster and blockbuster DRPx drugs are introduced. Finally, we assess and compare an assortment of DRPx business models and evaluate the current climate of the DRPx industry.

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