Global Health Repurposing Awards 2017 Blog Series

July 13, 2017

By Jennifer Ball


Sylvia and Berish GHRADrs. Berish Rubin and Sylvia Anderson direct the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia (FD) Research at Fordham University, which is dedicated to finding treatments for FD. FD is a rare inherited disease that impacts the development and function of the autonomic nervous system due to loss of functional IKAP protein. Patients with FD suffer from a variety of symptoms that include loss of body temperature regulation, blood pressure swings, vomiting crises, cardiovascular instability and lack of overflow tears.

Cures Within Reach recently recognized Drs. Rubin and Anderson for their influential research in the FD field by awarding them the Janet Davison Rowley Patient Impact Research Award at the 2017 Global Health Repurposing Awards. “We are extremely honored to be a recipient of an award that is named after an incredible trailblazer who was an excellent clinician, an outstanding researcher and an exceptional human being,” the researchers said. Read the full post!