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Data sources:

"Majority of the 12,000 Diseases have no current effective therapy"
"Fewer than 400 approved treatments for 7,000 rare diseases"

Every Life Foundation

Over 12,000 diseases as described by World Health Organization, of which 7,000 are rare diseases

"Healthcare costs for patients worldwide who have a disease with no current effective therapy is over $10T annually"

The average developed country spends $3000 per person on healthcare, so that is about half the world’s population or 3.5B people x $3000 = $100T, and the rest of the world spends about $300 per person, or $10T, so the total spent on healthcare is $110T. We can estimate that 10% of the patients have rare diseases and decide their costs are in line with the mainstream, which is likely to be a low estimate, and that is $11T per year. And most rare diseases have no currently effective therapy.

"The FDA approved only 35 novel drugs in 2012"

FDA Report

"Average time for new drug development is 14 years"

Report to the President on Propelling Innovation in Drug Discovery, Development,  and Evaluation

"Average cost for new drug development as high as $3B"

Munos , B. (2009). Lessons from 60 years of pharmaceutical innovation . Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery, 8, 959 .

"Repurposed drugs approach approval rates near 30%"

Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health

"Average drug can be proven ready for off-label use in 3 years or less at a cost of $250k"

Based on Cures Within Reach repurposing successes

"Over 1,000 approved medical devices, 5,000 nutritional supplements, over 6,000 total prescription and OTC drugs FDA-approved for human use"

Medical Devices

Nutritional Supplements

Prescription and OTC Drugs

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