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Each year around the world, more than 8 million people die from cancer and more than $1 trillion is spent on cancer care. We clearly need more effective and less expensive cancer treatments. There is an exciting opportunity to rapidly make highly effective, inexpensive “new” cancer treatments available to patients by repurposing drugs already approved by regulatory agencies for human use in non-cancer indications and with a long history of safe patient use. Yet most of these promising cancer treatments are currently ignored because repurposing inexpensive and widely available drugs is Doctor and Patientusually not profitable. Therefore, regardless of scientific merit and potential efficacy, funding for the definitive clinical trials is unavailable. This creates many missed opportunities to improve cancer outcomes and decrease the cost of cancer care. 

Cures Within Reach for Cancer, a Boston-based initiative sponsored by Cures Within Reach, harnesses the massive amount of scientific and clinical data supporting repurposing of non-cancer drugs, along with machine learning approaches and innovative mechanisms to support definitive clinical trials, to get new and affordable cancer treatments to patients as quickly as possible.




  • Laura Kleiman and Cures Within Reach for Cancer were selected for the 2018 Charity Warriors Challenge

  • Laura Kleiman wins Dana-Farber's 2018 Community Service Award

  • Press release announcing the launch of Cures Within Reach for Cancer

  • Laura Kleiman gave invited talks at the Annual Drug Repurposing Conference (Chicago; June 2017), European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Basel, Switzerland; September 2017), Strategic Partnerships for Drug Repurposing Forum (Boston; October 2017), and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston; November 2017)

  • Bruce Bloom and Cures Within Reach on NPR’s Morning Edition discussing repurposing of an anti-parasitic medicine for cancer

  • Bruce Bloom's article on innovative funding strategies for generic drug repurposing using social impact bonds


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