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More than 200 generic drugs FDA-approved to treat non-cancer indications may also be effective for treating cancer. They are widely available, have a long history of safe patient use, are off-patent and inexpensive, and in many cases already have clinical evidence of efficacy for cancer. Because there is a plethora of anti-cancer evidence, it is challenging to synthesize all of the existing data in order to make informed decisions on which repurposed drugs to pursue. Additionally, there is a lack of funding for clinical trials since pharma may not be able to generate significant profit from selling generics for additional indications. These very promising cancer treatments are therefore not fully tested or incorporated into common medical practice.

Cures Within Reach for Cancer is a nonprofit startup creating new and affordable cancer treatments using artificial intelligence (AI) and repurposed non-cancer generic drugs. We are building the Oncology Repurposing Engine™, an AI-powered decision framework that synthesizes and prioritizes drug repurposing data from scientific literature and real-world evidence. We are developing new models for funding and conducting clinical validation, and for implementing repurposed therapies as standard of care. The team includes experts in cancer drug development, medical oncology, AI and machine learning, real-world evidence, business and nonprofit management, and patient advocacy. We are located in Boston and are fiscally sponsored by Cures Within Reach.

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