DebCollyar pic Deborah Collyar has applied a wealth of varied skills from her successful business career to develop Patient Advocates In Research (PAIR) since 1991. Her patient advocacy work encompasses many diseases, programs and policies at grassroots, national and international levels. She also gives guidance to organizations, institutions, universities, cancer centers, non-profits, government agencies, companies, and most importantly, to patients.

After helping to establish the NCI translational research program called SPORE, Deborah trained hundreds of community members through the Patient Advocate Research Team (PART) Program to work with basic, clinical, and epidemiological researchers. Deborah also helped establish advocate programs throughout the NCI clinical trial groups and helped create initiatives through the Group Banking Committee’s Regulatory Working Group.

While chairing the Committee on Advocacy, Research Communications, Ethics and Disparities (CARE), she initiated system- changing pilots that became policy. She is Vice Chair of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Publications Committee, and Co-Chairs the Harvard Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center Return of Results initiative. Other seminal advocacy contributions include bioinformatics, data sharing, healthcare delivery, physical sciences, and drug development initiatives, including the NCI Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) program, and Cancer Immunotherapy Network (CITN).

Efforts beyond cancer extend into health research efforts such as the NIH CTSA Sentinel Network for Community Engagement, AHRQ Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Stakeholder Council, the Brookings Council on Antibacterial Drug Development, Hepatitis C assessment panels, and the Canadian Tumor Repository Network (CTRNET).
Deborah’s board experience includes the NCI Board of Scientific Counselors, Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC), Moffitt Cancer Center Total Cancer Care, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, The Hope Foundation, and various ethical and executive advisory boards. She has also spoken multiple times at the Institute of Medicine, President’s Cancer Panel, AACR and ASCO. Deborah and her husband have survived 3 cancers. 

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