BerishSylviaPrinciple Investigators: Dr. Berish Rubin and Dr. Sylvia Anderson

Disease: Familial Dysautonomia

Research Description: Familial Dysautonomia (FD) is a genetic disorder that affects the development and survival of the nervous system in infants and children. Individuals with FD are affected with a variety of symptoms that include decreased sensitivity to pain and temperature, heart problems, recurrent pneumonias, vomiting crises, blood pressure swings and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Untreated FD can cause death before the age of three. Through a series of clinical trials, the research team has zeroed in on the functional protein tied to this disease. The research team then mapped out biomedical and dietary changes that eliminate the extreme symptoms of this disease. Implementing dietary protein regulation coupled with prescribing very powerful nutraceuticals from soy, Vitamin A and ECGC (green tea ingredient), these children are able to lead almost normal lives, with functioning nervous systems. In addition, if women who are rearing a child with this genetic mutation take theses nutraceuticals during pregnancy, the child will be born with a normal functioning autonomic nervous system. Funding for these discoveries was a cooperative effort among several organizations, including Cures Within Reach.

CWR funding role: Participating funder

Publication(s): Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Since publication:

→ Data are supporting off-label clinical use


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