Lanctot-KristaPrincipal Investigator: Dr. Krista Lanctôt

Research Institution: University of Toronto

Disease: Alzheimer's

Research Description: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is commonly associated with behavioral changes such as agitation. Severe agitation is important to treat because it not only increases progression of AD and physical health problems (increased falls and weight loss), but it also increases caregiver stress. Currently prescribed treatments for agitation in AD do not work for all patients. When they do work, the effect is small, and they increase the risk of harmful side effects, including increased risk of mortality. As a result, there is an urgent need for safer medication options. Cannabinoids, such as nabilone, can now be prescribed in capsule form, and their calming, appetite and pain killing effects may have benefits in those with agitation. Through this clinical trial, Dr. Lanctôt hopes to identify the benefits of nabilone in the treatment of agitation in AD.

CWR funding role: Participating funder

Start date: July 31, 2014

Most recent report: Enrollment in the clinical trial is proceeding on schedule, with 13 patients enrolled as of March 2016. Enrollment is expected to be completed by February 2017, with results available approximately 3 months following.

Anticipated next steps:

→ Data published in a scientific journal and/or presented at a scientific conference 

→ Data leveraged into larger philanthropic or government funding for this treatment

→ Use of this drug off-label for this disease indication in countries where it is available

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