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blood samplesMission: Cure is using outcome-based financing and impact investing to demonstrate a new model for curing disease.

The first disease Mission: Cure is attacking is chronic pancreatitis. The world’s top pancreatic experts believe a well-funded, coordinated research and development program could lead to effective treatments within 10 years. In partnership with the National Pancreas Foundation, Mission: Cure is working to make that happen. Consulting with pancreatic experts from the nation’s top research and healthcare institutions, it is developing a 10-year plan.

Mission: Cure will get commitments from impact philanthropists and from those who bear the costs of chronic pancreatitis to pay for significant improvements in patient outcomes over a defined timeframe. These incentives for patient outcomes will complement existing market incentives for development of therapies for orphan diseases. Impact investors will then invest in a portfolio of strategies designed to achieve the agreed-upon patient outcomes.

Repurposing of existing drugs, devices and nutraceuticals will be a central strategy to quickly and affordably improve patients’ lives. Mission: Cure will convene and support a coalition of interested parties, including investors, government and private outcome payers, patients and the experts researching and treating people regularly, to problem-solve and project-manage to achieve the outcomes on schedule. If successful, the impact investors will not only help measurably improve people’s lives but will also earn a financial return on their investment.

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