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pillsMany cancer drugs extend survival by a mere few months and work for only a small subset of patients. Additionally, cancer drug costs are skyrocketing, meaning that more and more patients are unable to afford the latest therapies. We clearly need cheaper, more effective cancer treatments. One potential solution to this problem is to develop new cancer treatments by repurposing inexpensive generic drugs previously approved for other indications. A large body of evidence suggests that this approach can work and reduce healthcare costs as well as improve patient outcomes. However, these treatments lack profitability for pharmaceutical companies, so funding for the necessary clinical trials is not available. Thus, only highly profitable opportunities are pursued to the point that they reach patients, regardless of scientific merit and potential efficacy. 

Cures Within Reach for Cancer is a Boston-based project sponsored by Cures Within Reach. We aim to fill this gap in the drug development system by funding and facilitating the development of repurposed generic drugs for cancer. We will 1) systematically assess and prioritize repurposing opportunities through the creation of a KnowledgeBase, 2) develop a sustainable model to fund Phase II/III clinical trials, and 3) advocate for the treatments to be incorporated into standard of care so all cancer patients can access and benefit from these new and affordable therapies.

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